How is the GPS/WiFi/LBS location accuracy of the Angel Watch?

With 4G cellular connection and multi-source positioning, Angel Watch's position capabilities are great- even down to only few yards when the watch is outdoors and able to connect to the GPS satellites for positioning.

Here are the different ways the watch finds its location. Each have varying degrees of accuracy depending on your conditions.

GPS: the most accurate and requires a view to the sky providing location over 4G data as accurate as 5-10m.

WiFi: is the moderately accurate as it finds the location using the watch's internet IP address with location accuracy between 50m-100m

LBS: The Local Base Station the least accurate as it uses only the estimated proximity to the nearest cell tower with an accuracy between 50-1000m.  It can is useful to find your child's location when no other location sources are available as they are in a building or underground parking for example.

Sep 13, 2021

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