Can you make or receive calls from this watch?

Yes, the watch works just like a cell phone. Just a child-friendly one that is restricted and controlled by you!

The watch holds up to 10 contacts added by the parent or guardian using the free Angel Watch™ app. Contacts are uneditable on the watch but only through the Angel Watch™ app.

The wearer will see the contacts you saved- even with pictures for easy reference. Click here to view how! With a single tap, your child or other loved one can call or answer calls and talk naturally through the watch's own built-in speaker and microphone.

(Those with hearing impairments can also connect Bluetooth hearing aid devices)

As a parent or guardian, your app will also allow you to restrict functions such as disabling the wearer from accessing the phone dial pad to freely dial numbers and block unknown incoming calls with Block Unknown Calls activated on the app, which will only allow calls from the numbers saved on the watch (a minimum of one number must be saved).

Angel Watch can also make and receive video calls to approved Family Members using the watch's WiFi and 4G.

A Do-Not-Disturb schedule on the watch can also be set to prevent any interaction with the watch to avoid distraction and disturbance. Only SOS calls and remote drop-in audio (Sound Guardian) will continue to work.

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