The GPS shows the location way off

The positioning of the watch will depend on which is the most accurate source available for it to find the location at that moment.

It may take a moment initially for your local map to download and match the address.

If you find this is not happening after an initial few minutes, on your Angel Watch™ go to SETTINGS-REBOOT and allow your network to refresh.

It is also worth bearing in mind that the most accurate source of positioning, is GPS. This requires the watch to have a view of the sky where the watch can connect to the GPS location satellites, with your cellular data configured and working correctly (if it is not, you will receive a message indicating that the watch is offline)

After rebooting, bring your Angel Watch™ outside and on your Angel Watch app, click on the Map.  In the address box at the bottom, you can find your location source.  It will either be WiFi, LBS or GPS.

  • GPS is the most accurate and requires a view of the sky providing location over 4G data as accurate as 5-10m.
  • WiFi: is moderately accurate as it finds the location using the watch's internet IP address with location accuracy between 50m-100m
  • LBS: The Local Base Station is the least accurate as it uses only the estimated proximity to the nearest cell tower with an accuracy between 50-1000m.  It can be useful to find your child's location when no other location sources are available as they are in a building or underground parking for example.

If you continue facing these issues, and your SIM card is confirmed as activated, and you have rebooted the watch, it would best to reset and re-register the watch as follows:

1. On your Angel Watch app, click 'Remote Reset' or open the Dial Pad of your Angel Watch enter the following code: *#174714#* Then press the green call button and press 'OK' to factory reset.

2. On the Angel Watch app, go to ME and press Sign Out/Exit.
Reconfirm the 'Area' is set to North America.

If the area is incorrect, log back in with the previous incorrect one, delete your account and re-register selecting North America. You may use your previous email address again.

3. Once logged into the app go to ME on the bottom right, 'Device List', tap 'Edit', and delete your device. Your app will now ask you to register a new device on the screen titled 'ADD A DEVICE'. Now set your phone aside for a moment while we check a few things on the watch...

4. On the watch, confirm you can see 4G with at least two bars of service when you swipe down on the watch’s screen.

If you see a *sideways triangle*, your SIM is not activated properly or out of network coverage. Check the SIM in another phone to confirm that you're able to make a call and browse the internet (with WiFi disabled) or check your network's online account or contact their support to resolve.

If you see an *exclamation mark*, your SIM is not inserted correctly. Remove your SIM card from the watch.  Clean with a lint-free cloth and re-insert it and power your watch on or go to Settings-Reboot.

4. Check your watch's APN settings are correct (SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-APN).

  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (AT&T):          broadband
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (T-Mobile):
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (EE):              everywhere

5. On the watch, go to the QR Code app (near Settings) and select RegCode.

If your registration code shows as 00000 just wait up to five minutes and it will change. If not, go to Settings-Reboot and check again, and should change. If that still doesn’t work, remove and re-insert SIM and the code should appear within five minutes.

6. Re-Register your watch with the Angel Watch™ app. Open the app and tap the [-] button to open the scanner.
Scan the RegCode code to pair your watch. Add your child’s nickname (letters only, no apostrophes), set your relationship to them (e.g. I am Mom), and click 'Ok'.

7. Let’s confirm your data is working. Go to Settings-WiFi and make sure WiFi is switched off or disconnected.

Step outside for a GPS location test where the watch can have a clear view of GPS satellites. Tap the Map on the app then press the green pin to fetch its position. The device should show ‘Device Positioning..’.

The first time may take longer than usual to acquire a position and for your local map to download. Feel free to keep refreshing throughout the day. Accuracy should improve over the first 24hrs as your local towers recognize your device.

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