Trying to use another network and they say that the SIM card is incompatible

Angel Watch is not affiliated with any wireless carriers. We only provide the free SIM kit from Red Pocket as they provide a more affordable monthly plan for our users.

Red Pocket is a US-based prepaid carrier, with no contract, and no activation fee. It’s a Pay-As-You-Go plan. You can activate the SIM and credit or refill your account online. Red Pocket works with both AT&T and T-Mobile, so you can choose either depending on which service is better in your area.-Pick Red Pocket on GSMA Network to go on AT&T’s network for $10 +tax per month (unlimited texts/1,000 minutes/1GB of data). You can upgrade if needed.

-Pick Red Pocket on GSMT Network if you want to go on their T-Mobile network for $10 +tax per month (unlimited calls and text/1GB of data). You can also upgrade if needed. There are other plans available. Please contact the Red Pocket for their monthly plans!

Red Pocket on GSMA Network = AT&T
Red Pocket on GSMT Network = T-Mobile
No SIM = International Customers

Please do not take your Red Pocket Mobile SIM to AT&T or T-Mobile. They will not be able to activate this SIM card for you.

Follow the user manual and go to Red Pocket’s website to ACTIVATE the SIM and credit or refill your monthly plan. successfully activated by checking calls and internet browsing on that phone, you would be able to remove it and insert it into your Angel Watch.

If you're having difficulties, please consider using our (more compatible) service or contact us or call us on +1 888 787 4757 to get in touch.

May 18, 2022

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