My Angel Watch™ is ALWAYS showing ‘Offline’

For Angel Watch™ to communicate with the app over the cellular network, it must:

 Use an activated & correctly installed 4G SIM card (and be rebooted if installed when powered on)
✔ Be paired to your Angel Watch™ App account registered in North America, regardless of your location
✔ Have sufficient cellular network service

Things not working as they should?  Try our Quick Troubleshooting Guide if you're a bit tech-savvy, or skip to the Detailed Step by Step Troubleshooting if that seems a little clearer.



  1. Reboot Angel Watch™ after inserting your activated SIM card. (SETTINGS-REBOOT)
  2. Ensure SIM card is correctly activated and installed and coverage is good. Confirm that you can see 4G and min. two bars of service. (Swipe down from the top of the watch face to view)
  3. Check that your Angel Watch™ App account is set to North America.  Log out of the app to confirm. (If not, see Level 2, point 3).
  4. Use the correct APN setting (cellular data). For Red Pocket, this is or Airvoice Wireless. For other networks, search for their Android APN settings online. (SETTINGS-NETWORK SETTINGS-APN)
  5. Disable WiFi in case poor connection is taking preference over cellular data. (SETTINGS-WIFI)

Test your connection again. Still seeing 'Offline' messages? Continue to Step 2.


  1. Ensure your activated SIM card is correctly installed in your Angel Watch™ and that you see 4G and good coverage. Swipe down from the top of the watch face to view.
  2. Open the 'Phone' app, enter *#174714#*, and press OK to factory reset the watch
  3. Open the Angel Watch™ App on your phone, click ME (bottom right), then Delete Account.
  4. Delete the app from your phone and re-install taking care to allow all permissions and app tracking.
  5. Re-register a new account (you may use your old email address) and set the region to North America.
  6. Re-pair the watch to the app by scanning the QR Code (RegCode).  Allow up to 5 mins for the code to change from 0's to alphanumeric.

Please test the connection again now.  Still facing issues?  Continue to Step 3.  It's most likely a network issue.


  1. Log into your cellular network provider's account and confirm correct activation. For Red Pocket, log in here.
  2. Place your SIM card into another phone and test to see if you can make calls and browse the internet. Disable WiFi on your phone. If it cannot, contact the network to check activation and request that they do an 'OTA Account Refresh' to update your settings remotely.
  3. Once SIM is confirmed as active and working in your phone, put it back into your Angel Watch™ and reboot device. (SETTINGS-REBOOT)

If these steps do not solve your 'Offline' issue, or if you need a more detailed explanation, please follow the below steps carefully and in order.



1. If you are in the USA, ensure you are using the SIM card that came from us with your Angel Watch™ separately in your package, or that you are using one ordered from our website, or one from any other globally compatible GSM SIM card.

2. Log into your cellular network provider's online account and verify correct activation.  You must be using a phone plan, not a wearable or IOT plan. For Red Pocket Mobile, log in here.

3. Insert your SIM card into another phone, reboot it, and see if you can place a call and browse the internet successfully.  Your phone's WiFi must be disabled.
If you are unable to call or browse, contact your network and request that they check your account and do an 'OTA Account Refresh' to update your settings remotely.  Customers in the US using the provided SIM card can contact Red Pocket Mobile here.  Only move to the next step when you can make calls and browse the internet with your phone. Disable your phone's WiFi when testing.

4. When your SIM card is confirmed as active, re-insert it into your Angel Watch™ with the chip facing up towards the screen and cut corner edge going in first. Push it in deeply with the SIM tool until it locks into place. Replace the cover and water-resistant silicone seal using the included screwdriver.

5. On your Angel Watch™ go to SETTINGS - REBOOT and press 'OK'.

6. After reboot, confirm you are using your network's correct APN settings (SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-APN). If using Red Pocket Mobile, use or Airvoice Wireless.  For other networks, search online for your network's Android APN Setting.

7. Swipe down on the face of the watch, and confirm you see 4G or LTE and at least 2 bars of service.
If you see a *sideways triangle, your SIM is not activated properly or out of network coverage.  If you see an exclamation mark*, your SIM is not inserted correctly; go to Step 4.

Test your connection again by checking the watch's location outside where the Angel Watch can connect to GPS satellites. Open the Map on the app and tap the green pin to fetch the watch's position. The device should show ‘Device Positioning..’  If not, give it a few minutes and tap again. Note it may take a little while for Angel Watch™ to download your local map and add additional features to the watch.

If you are still getting 'Offline' messages, please continue...


8. With the activated, tested and working SIM card in your Angel Watch™, open the PHONE app on the watch enter the following code in the dial pad:  *#174714#* Then press the green call button and press 'OK' to factory reset.

9. Open the Angel Watch™ App on your phone, click ME, then Delete Account.

10. Create a new account and select North America as your account region, regardless of where you are located. You may use your previous email address.  Password must be 8-12 letters and numbers.  No special characters and at least one capital letter.

11. Re-pair your device.  Swipe across to the QR CODE app on the Angel Watch™ and tap the RegCode to display the alphanumeric QR code.
If this code shows 0's, wait up to 5 minutes for it to change automatically. If it doesn't, please read this.

12. Using the Angel Watch™ App, scan the watch's code by tapping the [-] symbol on the 'Add Device' screen or enter the Device ID manually.
Please don't use apostrophes when adding a name to your watch.

13. Once paired, disable WiFi on the watch (SETTINGS - WIFI) to ensure all cellular data traffic is working and test your connection again.

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Jun 13, 2022

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