Does the Angel Watch need a SIM card to function?

Yes. While the watch will connect to WiFi, a SIM card is required for device registration and the most functions and allow it to work when out and about.

For US customers, Angel Watch™ ships with a complimentary SIM card included in your package with service over AT&T (USA only) for only $10 per month to month. No contracts. No risk of added charges or overages and even free calling to 80+ countries.

International customers can use just about any GSM worldwide 4G network. Visit our Cellular Networks & SIM cards section to learn more.

With a SIM card, the watch will have its own number and data service connecting right to your Angel Watch™ app regardless of location. You'll be able to see your child's location, give them a call, send them a message, and always give them have a way to get in touch with you too.

You'll be able to activate your SIM on our Activation Page here (USA only)

Sep 13, 2021

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