How can others make video calls to the watch?

Enabling video calling with a device designed to be safe for your child while unsupervised might be a feature with which to be cautious.

We've made it so that only trusted, registered, approved ‘Family Members’ have the ability to freely make/receive video calls using the Angel Watch™ app. Up to 10 family members can bind with the Watch.

To become an app Family Member, other members of the family would create their own Angel Watch™ app account, also set in 'North America' and scan the QR registration code found on the 'QR Code' app on the watch.  Then 'Add a Device' using the RegCode or by entering the Device ID manually. A permission request to add the Family Member will be sent to the Administrator (First bound app); after which, permission may be granted or denied on the top right-hand side of the app.

Bear in mind that Family Members with app access will be able to view everything the main account can see.

If you wanted others to be able to freely communicate with your child by text, message, voice, or video call, the included Whatsapp app in your Angel Watch™ App Store, which is similar to Skype that's free and available for download on just about any device. Our watch is using the BETA version for WhatsApp on watches.

As this is a standalone communication app, there is no risk that any sensitive information from the Angel Watch™ app is shared.

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