I’m having issues making outgoing calls with Angel Watch

If the Setup Video didn't help, you'll just want to make sure you've got everything set up right.  Here goes:

  1. Active your Angel Watch™ SIM card here or follow your other network's activation procedure.
  2. Connect your Angel Watch™ to your home WiFi network (SETTINGS-WIFI)
  3. Check for critical firmware updates on your Angel Watch™ and update (SETTINGS-MORE-DEVICE INFO)
  4. Ensure you have VoLTE switched on (SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-VoLTE)- and do not switch it off by mistake!
  5. Check you're using your network's correct APN setting and select as below (SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-APN)
    • Angel Watch™ Mobile (AT&T):          broadband 
    • Angel Watch™ Mobile (T-Mobile):    fast.t-mobile.com
    • Angel Watch™ Mobile (EE):              everywhere
  6. Others: Search online for "(your network's) Android APN settings" and select from the available list.
  7. Reboot your Angel Watch™ (SETTINGS-REBOOT)
  8. Add your personal number to the watch's Phonebook using the Angel Watch™ App.  Download here.
    • Enter your number in the app in the correct format.  Include a 'plus' before your country code.  Use no spaces or dashes. E.g. For the USA, use +1, area code and number, eg. *+15551231234, or use + your country code and number, eg **+447777123123*

An activated SIM card is always required for correct functionality.

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