What is WhatsApp

The WhatsApp app (similar to Skype) will allow for the watch to make voice and video calls as well as text, picture, and voice messages- all outside of the trusted Family Members group that have access to sensitive information. (LINE LITE IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED)

General contacts can download these apps to any device, register an account and be friends with your child through those apps only, thereby not giving them access to any of your child's personal info that's available to Family Members (location, health, settings, etc).

To connect to WhatsApp, please open the app on the watch and register using the watch's number.

After entering the number, you will receive an SMS verification code on your Angel Watch app to complete your registration.

If you do not receive this SMS on your app, please remove the Angel Watch SIM card from the watch and put it into another phone that is able to receive SMS. You can continue the apps registration on the watch over WiFi.  Enter the watch's number and receive the verification code on your phone. After registration, you can put the SIM back into the watch. Please reboot anytime you remove and reinsert the SIM.

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