How do I do a full Reset and Re-Register?

Before beginning, you'll want to make sure you're using an activated SIM with a phone plan (i.e. not a wearables or IOT plan).


  1. Ensure your activated SIM card is correctly installed in your Angel Watch™ and that you see 4G and good coverage. Swipe down from the top of the watch face to view.
  2. Open the 'Phone' app, enter *#174714#*, and press OK to factory reset the watch
  3. Open the Angel Watch™ App on your phone, click ME (bottom right), then Delete Account.
  4. Delete the app from your phone and re-install taking care to allow all permissions and app tracking.
  5. Re-register a new account (you may use your old email address) and set the region to North America.
  6. Re-pair the watch to the app by scanning the QR Code (RegCode).  Allow up to 5 mins for the code to change from 0's to alphanumeric.

Please test the connection again now. Still facing issues? It's most likely an issue with your network activation.


  1. Log into your cellular network provider's account and confirm correct activation. For Red Pocket, log in here.
  2. Place your SIM card into another phone and test to see if you can make calls and browse the internet. Disable WiFi on your phone. If it cannot, contact the network to check activation and request that they do an 'OTA Account Refresh' to update your settings remotely.
  3. Once SIM is confirmed as active and working in your phone, put it back into your Angel Watch™ and reboot the device. (SETTINGS-REBOOT)

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Jul 5, 2022

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