What are the correct data/APN settings for Angel Watch?

If you are using the included SIM card and are able to make and receive calls but your data is showing 'Offline', you'll need to check your APN settings to make sure data is flowing from your network correctly.

Go to Settings-Network Settings-APN on your Angel Watch and ensure that you have the following APN setting selected, depending on your network and test which option works best for you in your area. (SETTINGS-MO0BILE NETWORKS-APN)

  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (AT&T):          broadband 
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (T-Mobile):    fast.t-mobile.com
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (EE):              everywhere

If you continue to face issues, please contact us at support@angelwatchco.com and we'll be glad to assist!

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