How do I perform a firmware update?

Updating your Angel Watch™ when firmware updates become available will ensure your watch continues to work optimally.

Ensure you have an activated SIM card inserted into your watch and go to:

1. SETTINGS-WIFI: Connect your Angel Watch™ to your home WiFi network.

2. SETTINGS-MORE-DEVICE INFO: Click ‘Wireless Update’ and check for critical firmware updates and install.
TIP: Keep an eye on the update to avoid interruption.

3. SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-VoLTE: Check that you have VoLTE switched on.
TIP: If you switch it off by mistake, your watch will restart. Then you’ll need to turn VoLTE back on again after reboot and it’ll restart again.

4. SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-APN: Confirm that you're using your network’s correct APN setting as below:

Check your watch's APN settings are correct (SETTINGS-MOBILE NETWORKS-APN).

  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (AT&T):          broadband 
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (T-Mobile):
  • Angel Watch™ Mobile (EE):              everywhere

5. SETTINGS-REBOOT: Reboot your Angel Watch™

TIP: Make sure you add your personal number to the watch's Phonebook using the Angel Watch™ App.
Enter your number in the app in the correct format.  Include a 'plus' before your country code.  Use no spaces or dashes. e.g. For the USA, use +1, area code and number, e.g. +15551231234


  1. Factory reset by entering *#174714#* on the watch phone dialer then selecting ok for the full reset
  2. Delete your Angel Watch™ account on your phone app (ME-Delete Account)
  3. Close and reopen the app
  4. Register a new account (you can use your old email)
  5. Repair your watch as a brand new device


If you're still stuck, please contact us and we'll walk you through the firmware update.

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