I'm on a different network. Do I need to change?

Not at all..

Angel Watch ships with its own SIM that is included in the package separately along with your watch (USA Only).

This would provide service over the AT&T network through our network partner Red Pocket Mobile. The plan is month-to-month (no contract) so you can cancel anytime and there's no chance of overage charges.

For regular customers, their cheapest plan with Red Pocket Mobile is $20/month but for Angel Watch customers, we have an exclusive special rate plan that is half the price- only $10/month.  This plan would be visible to you only when you activate your included SIM (or a SIM ordered from us) at www.angelwatchco.com/activate.

Coverage is generally great over AT&T and setup is easy- it's all just plug and play.  And with auto-renew enabled, you can ensure you maintain continuity of service from one month to the next.

So with the watch having it's own plan with it's own number, sufficient minutes (1000) and data (1GB), there's no need for you to change your network personally and calls would just come out of your respective plan's minutes.

Sep 13, 2021

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