What is Sound Guardian? And how can I enable or disable it?

Sound Guardian allows for Angel Watch™ App Family Members to listen in on the watch’s surroundings without any notifications whatsoever being displayed or heard on the Angel Watch™ itself.

This discreet feature allows for parents to monitor their children in cases where they may be physically apart from their children but in a situation where understanding what is being said may be of importance. Examples of this might include suspected bullying or other when left alone for an evening with a new baby-sitter or even just to hear silence instead of TV when it’s long past their bedtime.

As with just about anything in life, it is the full responsibility of the user to ensure that it is not used illegally.

Sound Guardian must be used in accordance with local laws and should not be used for nefarious purposes. Most States in the USA and many countries around the world have two-party consent laws where listening to an adult without their consent is punishable by law.

To enable Sound Guardian, open this feature in the Angel Watch™ App and enter your number (not the watch’s number) then press ‘Activate Callback’. Enter your number in the + country code and number format without spaces. For the USA, this would be in the +15551231234 format. For Mexico, it would be look like +52123123456 for example

Activating this will prompt the watch to discreetly initiate a one-way incoming call to your number as a regular incoming call. As it is one-way, you can be sure that sounds made from your end will not be heard on the watch.

This feature can only be enabled amongst trusted Angel Watch™ App Family Members.

If you do not wish for someone to be able to activate this feature, do not add them to Family Member group. Either add the person as a regular phone contact or a Line contact which will also allow them to make voice and video calls as well as text and picture messaging all independently from the Angel Watch™ App and its features reserved for trusted family members.

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