How does the Enhanced Warranty work? And what does that include?

The Angel Watch™ Enhanced Warranty provides you with total peace of mind covering accidental damage, theft, and even loss, for $4.99 a month!

Enjoy Premium Support with our Accelerated Replacement Service which will get your replacement sent out to you right after your return has been dispatched to us, rather than the normal procedure of having to wait for your return to arrive to us, be inspected, and then sent out.

Rest easy knowing that pretty much any damage that life brings to the watch will be covered and best of all, only cause you a few days of downtime.  That matters with a device you rely on.

Plain English Summary of Enhanced Warranty Fact Guide, Terms & Conditions

  • The Enhanced Warranty Policy can only be added at the time of purchase.
  • Damage claims will require a photograph to display the damage and will need to be returned to us.  Claims due to theft and loss will require a police report as the device will have to be blacklisted from cellular networks to protect your safety and our liability.
  • A fixed $40 excess fee applies per claim.
  • One policy is required for every Angel Watch™ purchased; (e.g. If you are buying two watches, you will need two policies).  If you did not purchase one policy for each watch in your order, please contact us and we will review this on a case by case basis. Your claim may be subject to rejection.
  • Should you wish to cancel your policy, you may do so anytime through here.  Policy will cease on the 30th day after your last monthly payment.
  • Angel Watch Company Limited are the exclusive underwriters of this policy.  All rights reserved.

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