How do I take Vital Signs readings?

Angel Watch™ also allows for vital signs readings to be taken from the watch directly. These include heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels and can be viewed on the screen directly.

The following readings can also be taken remotely using the Angel Watch™ app as follows:

  • Using the 'Health' feature of the app, you are able to remotely take and view history for Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.
  • With the 'Body Temperature Measurement' feature, you are able to take body temperature remotely as well as set an auto-monitoring schedule that will take temperature readings at set intervals, and alert you if body temperature drops or rises above levels that you set.

Blood Oxygen readings can only be taken from the watch itself as this requires parental supervision. The Angel Watch™ needs to be pressed on firmly by a parent or guardian and refrain from any movement for the entirety of the reading.

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