How do I set up 'Friends' on Angel Watch™

'Friends' are a great way for siblings and friends to have direct watch-to-watch communication!

To activate the Friends feature, connect the watches to wifi and ensure that Bluetooth is switched on.

Then bring both watches next to each other so they are no more than 3 inches apart. The Friend app can be under chat for some watches.

Open the Friends app on all watches and within a few seconds, the grey animal icons will light up in color.  If this doesn't happen right away, reboot all watches, keep them together, and open the Friends app again. Also on some versions, the Freinds app is under chat, and then select the person icon with the plus(+) sign on the top right-hand side.

When the icons light up, you'll be able to select the animal icon you'd like to represent your friend and with that, the watches will be able to send voice and picture messages directly to one another.

You are able to add a maximum of four Angel Watch Friends per watch.

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