How can other family members connect to the watch?

Each family member will need to create their own Angel Watch app account in North America and select their relationship to the watch's owner- e.g. I am Dad or I am Mom.

With an activated SIM inserted, the new Family Member can go to the watch's 'QR Code' app, tap the RegCode, and using their Angel Watch™ app, scan from the 'Add a Device' screen after registration. They can also enter the device ID (the RegCode) manually.

When a request is made to add the watch to another account, the original registrant will be notified that a connection request has been made and should approve or deny the request.

If the administrator is not receiving the authorization request, please ensure that all users are in the same North America region with their app. Log out of the app to see your registered region on the login page.

If this is incorrect, log in with your previous, incorrect region and click Delete Account.  Re-register a new account in the correct region. You may use your previous email address and password.

Apr 19, 2022

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