I'm trying to authorize another Family Member but the authorization code isn't coming onto my phone

The first person to register the watch's registration code using the watch's QR Code (RegCode) will become the watch's administrator. Subsequent connections will require authorization that will appear on the administrator's Angel Watch app- but users must be using accounts in the same region.

If this authorization code is not appearing, please ensure that all users have registered their app accounts in NORTH AMERICA.

Log out of the Angel Watch app account to check the registration location.

If one user is accidentally in an incorrect region, please instruct them to log in with that incorrect region, scan the watch's QR Code (RegCode) and log in to their account.

The user should go to ME on the bottom right and click Delete Account, then create a new account, in North America, and re-scan the watch.

Please note that even though they may seemingly be able to gain access, their app will not connect to any of the watch's services successfully.

When all users are in the same region, the authorization request will be sent to the adminstrator.

On acceptance, they will also have full access to the Angel Watch.

Sep 13, 2021

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