My battery is draining really quickly

  1. Reduce the frequency that the watch updates its position less frequently using the Location Update Schedule in the app. Sleep Mode (Manually obtain position)/Power Saving (On-Demand) is usually best for day-to-day operation, uses the least battery, and still allows you to find the watch’s location on demand when you need it.

On Android, it will show the following 3 options:

  • Sleep Mode - Manually obtain position
  • Power Saving Mode - Updates every Hour
  • Normal Mode - Update every 10 min

On iOS, it will show the following 3 options:

  • Power Saving - On Demand Position
  • Everyday Mode - Update every hour
  • Outodoor Mode - Update every 10 minutes
  1. If you need to use geo-fencing or location history, you will need to have the location updated more regularly.     3. Keep video calls to less than five minutes if you can as these consume a lot of power     4. Adjust the brightness of the display a little lower

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