What happens in the case of lost shipments?

First off, our shipping accuracy is consistently over 98% offering you a near certainty that all will be well with your shipment.

This means that there are severe delays or losses in between 1 to 2 orders for every 100.

If you're still concerned about this and would like to have additional protection, we have this available.

Our paid shipping options offer insurance directly with us.  In the rare case that your shipment ceases tracking and no tracking update is recorded for two weeks (15) days, and for 2-day shipping if tracking ceases to update for seven (10) days we will issue you a full refund or send you a replacement.

For free, uninsured shipments where your shipment ceases to track and no update is recorded for thirty (30) days, we offer 50% refund on your order or a 50% discount on your replacement order.

If your original unit does eventually arrive, you may return it (sealed and unopened) through our online Returns Portal and we will refund you the remaining 50%; or if you prefer, you could just keep it.

Shipping charges in all cases are non-refundable.

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