What's the quickest way to get set up?

Head on over to our YouTube channel and watch the Setup Video.

The downloadable User Manual also includes a step-by-step Setup Guide. It also offers a great overview of the features of Angel Watch and the app.

If you're after a real boiled-down set of setup steps, here goes:

  1. Activate your included SIM at https://www.redpocket.com/angelwatch (US only, here's how), or your international SIM according to your network's recommendations.  You may need your watch's IMEI.  To find this, go to SETTINGS-MORE-DEVICE INFO.
  2. Create an app account ensuring your region is set to North America, regardless of your location.  Sign out of the app to double-check in case you've already registered.
  3. Insert your SIM chip face up, cut the corner going in first, and reboot the watch (Settings-Reboot).  To remove the SIM, just press down on the edge with the SIM Tool provided and it'll unlock and pop up.
  4. On reboot, swipe down from the clock-face on the screen to confirm you see 4G
  5. Register with the app by scanning the watch's QR Code. Swipe to QR Code on the watch, tap and scan the RegCode with your app.
  6. Add the watch's name without apostrophes or punctuation

Feel free to also watch our handy Tips & Tricks video!

Aug 9, 2022

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