Does this work on AT&T? I'm trying and having connection issues.

We strongly recommend to use the SIM card provided which offers a simple, 'plug & play' setup over the AT&T network through our network partner Red Pocket Mobile.

Interestingly, if you go to AT&T directly, things can get tricky.

You can still get things working, but you'll need to take the following steps to workaround this.

  1. Initially activate your Angel Watch AT&T SIM card in another phone (Apple, Samsung, etc). If you've already activated your SIM, you'll need to contact AT&T and have them update the IMEI for that SIM to that of your phone.
  2. After activation/IMEI update, turn off WiFi on your phone and see if you are able to browse the internet and make or receive calls. If you cannot do all three, please contact AT&T and have them resolve this on your phone. The SIM will need to work in your phone before it can work in the watch.
  3. Re-insert the SIM into your Angel Watch chip facing up (when the watch is facing up), cut corner going in first using the SIM tool or a pin to push it deeply into place until it clicks in.
  4. Reboot your watch (Settings-Reboot)
  5. After the reboot, go to Settings-More-Network Settings-APN and, in AT&T's case, make sure that you have 'NXTGENPHONE' selected.

You should now be connected. 

If you face any issues, it may be best to just use the SIM included with your Angel Watch™ as we only offer limited support for other networks.

In addition to a plug & play setup with our included SIM card you’ll get:

  • Service for only $10/month, month to month*
  • No contract, monthly commitments, credit checks, penalties or overage charges- ever.
  • Free international calling to 80+ countries

*Exclusively available using Angel Watch provided SIM cards, normally $20/month.

Oct 27, 2021

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